Opera’s VPN app for Android and IOS shuts down


Opera’s VPN app for Android and IOS shuts down. However Opera Gold Subscribers will be given a 1-year subscription to SurfEasy Ultra VPN.

Opera's VPN app for Android and IOS shuts downSo what does this mean for IOS and Android users?

Android and IOS users will no longer have privacy nor protection while browsing. When Opera launched the service in 2016 it delivered to mobile users a free and important service, without the need to sign up/register. VPN’s provide privacy and protection to mobile users, by directing spam traffic to a distant geographical point.

With 2 years of use, Opera has suddenly decided to shut down it’s VPN service, with very little explanation given to it’s users, giving April 30th 2018 the deadline.

What to expect

Any IOS and Android user who signed up for the Gold Subscription will receive a free year of SurfEasy UltraThe SurfEasy service, which usually cost $12/pm, promises an unlimited usage of up to five devices and will be available for IOS and Android devices. 



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