Turing Robotics Announces Another Phone That Will Never Ship


Turing Robotics Announces Another Phone That Will Never Ship


A couple of years back, it resembled the unusual yet innovative Turing Phone was sufficiently achievable to end up a reality. At that point, Turing Robotic Industries (TRI) began saying and doing some inconceivably interesting things. The organization petitioned for liquidation without transportation any telephones, yet it’s not gone. No, TRI has come back with a telephone idea so unlikely that it’s really clever. Meet the HubblePhone.

It’s hard at first to try and advise this thing should be a telephone — it would seem that a conservative camcorder from several years back. It’s a clamshell gadget with a turning pivot, and each “deck” has its own product, processor, and capacity. The whole surface seems, by all accounts, to be made out of screens. TRI claims it will have “Mixture Glass-PMMA Over AMOLEDs” that you can use to show content.

The HubblePhone will have not one, not two, but rather three working frameworks. There’s a custom OS called Keplerian OS (in view of FreeBSD) on the two decks. Android 9.0 is likewise on both. The fundamental deck additionally has Sailfish 3 for “support mode.” Yeah, that appears to be sensible.


Turing Robotics Announces Another Phone That Will Never Ship


TRI makes a ton of cases, however, and none of them are reasonable. This gadget will supposedly have an “enthusiastic machine-knowledge chip,” whatever that implies. It additionally seems to have around six cameras (the real check appears to be conflicting), and one of them is 60MP with 15x optical zoom. A few of those cameras are stuffed into no less than two indents. Once more, it’s sort of difficult to tell.

Indeed, even the essential components of this telephone appear to be made up. The spec table claims this telephone will run a Snapdragon 855 in every one of the telephone’s two areas. That chip hasn’t been reported and will most likely never exist. The Turing Phone Cadenza should have a Snapdragon 830, which is a model number Qualcomm never utilized. Insufficient? The HubblePhone will be 5G with help for each band possible, overlooking the absence of any 5G radios that could do that.

TRI says the HubblePhone will dispatch in the primary quarter of 2020. Try not to give the long advancement a chance to time trick you — this telephone will never exist. Its solitary esteem is in the delight you’ll get from taking a gander at the unreasonable renders and specs. TRI intends to “offer” the telephone for $2,749, yet it could value the telephone at a million dollars and it wouldn’t make any difference.

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