HP Launches $10,000 Bug Bounty for Printers


 HP Launches $10,000 Bug Bounty for Printers


It’s normal practice for organizations to offer security scientists and “white cap” programmers fiscal pay for discovering bugs in their items. Supposed “bug bounties” enable the organization to fix its items previously the defect turns into an objective of detestable programmers. Google, Apple, and numerous different organizations utilize such projects. Presently, HP is opening another bug abundance program that is the first of its kind — HP needs programmers to break into its printers.

This entire idea appears to be senseless at first, yet printer security has HP stressed. As HP and different makers present all the more systems administration abilities and cloud capacities, printers are exhibiting a bigger assault surface. HP’s the biggest provider of big business review printers, and it wouldn’t like to introduce security gaps in workplaces around the globe. That is by and large terrible for business.

Go for a walk through any office, and you’ll see printers. Most by far of them are connected to an indistinguishable system from nearby machines that could contain delicate data. HP is worried that an imperfection in its printers could open the way to an organization’s whole system. The new bug abundance program is an approach to (ideally) maintain a strategic distance from that.


 HP Launches $10,000 Bug Bounty for Printers


The program works on the Bugcrowd crowdsourced security stage, yet you can’t simply go along with it uninvited. HP has chosen 34 scientists to take part in the program until further notice, however it might open it up more broadly later. HP educated the security analysts to search for firmware-level vulnerabilities like remote code execution, cross-site ask for fraud (CSRF) and cross-site scripting (XSS) bugs. The abundance as of now covers the HP LaserJet Enterprise printers and the HP PageWide Enterprise version printers.

A portion of the influenced printers like the LaserJet Enterprise arrangement begin at a couple of hundred dollars and can achieve a few thousand.

Prizes extend from $500 for a weakness with restricted effect to $10,000 for a genuine bug that could jeopardize a system. A solitary specialist or gathering can assert numerous bounties identified with a similar element on the off chance that they can appear there are different approaches to misuse them. HP will likewise pay up on the off chance that somebody reports a bug that HP officially distinguished inside — it calls this a “decent confidence installment.”

The printer bug abundance will run inconclusively, and HP says it might grow the program to its PC items later on. It’s beginning with printers since it trusts the risk has been thought little of as printers get perpetually intense. A significant number of these gadgets resemble lightweight PCs in their own particular appropriate with programmable working frameworks and memory for spared archives (and in addition malware).

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